Hello My Name Is J. Ryan Stanley. I’m A Documentary, Street And Art Photographer.


Small Town Rural

In 2021, I met Leana on a dating site. She lived 280 miles away, and as I made that commute to see her, I became interested in the communities along the way. It started with me admiring buildings and landscapes, but soon I started to explore the culture and people of these places.
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Cairo Illinois


It started in 2021 as I was rebuilding my life after a divorce. I met a wonderful woman, leana, through an online dating site. Leana had grown up in a rural town in northern missouri, and was now living in another small town off highway I-44. It was a 280 mile commute to see the woman who would become my future wife; along the way, I began to look around at the communities along that route. At first, it was because a single building or landscape caught my eye. But the more I shot, the more I began to dive more deeply into the people and the culture of these places.
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This photo series showcases the simplicity and charm of small town rural life. It captures the people, places, and landscapes that make up these communities, including dusty old streets, locally-owned businesses, and community events.


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