Home as a Concept

“Home as a Concept” is a series, I will be shooting unposed images of people in their homes together with their words about what ‘home’ is. This series will explore the concept of ‘home’ told through various cultures, people groups, socio-economic groups, ages, and life stages. Inspired by the feeling of losing my idea of home through a divorce and just how deeply rooted and personal my conceptualization of home was within myself. This realization made me wonder: what is needed to bring about the concept of home? What makes a home? How do we find our concept home? The series hopes to illuminate where others find ‘home’ and may point us to finding out our concept of home.

Concepts of Home

Home as a Concept 4 – Bubenik

Home as a Concept 3 – Cassandra and Anthony

Home as a Concept 1 – McCulla

Home as a Concept 2 – Amir and Athena